Paint Types

At GVC, it is our mission to provide the best looking and most durable paints to our customers. When selecting a type of paint for a commercial or industrial project, there are several factors to consider. First, we take into account our customers' preferences. If you are concerned about fumes in your building while operations continue around our work, we offer zero VOC (low odor) products. If you prefer a high sheen finish over low sheen, we'll help you choose the best paint with the finish you want. Another important factor that may affect paint type choice is the surface material that will be painted. Through our decades of experience, we have learned the ideal paint to use on virtually any material you may have in your commercial or industrial building. We carry paints suitable for application to drywall, metal, and every material in between.

Our Paint Types:

  • Latex: Highly versatile and available in a number of finishes from low to high sheen.
  • Zero or Low VOC: Low odor paint used when paint fumes may be a concern while building operations continue around our work.
  • Industrial Enamels: Extremely durable paint applied to lower walls or doors to protect from wear and tear of building or shop operations.
  • Dryfall: Spray on, fast drying paint for use on ceilings and upper walls to get the job done quickly without making a mess below the painted surface.
  • Direct-To-Metal (DTM): Used to paint chip-free metal surfaces such as metal deck ceilings, utility lines, and more.

If you don't see the type of paint you believe your commercial or industrial project requires, or if you have questions about our types of paint, please contact us today.