Vinyl Wall Coverings

If you want a unique look in your office, store front, or workshop, a vinyl covering might be the answer! We install vinyl coverings in commercial and industrial buildings to help our clients find the designed look that best fits their company. Vinyl wall coverings are an extremely versatile option for finishing your building's walls. Wall coverings can be selected or special ordered with virtually any design, pattern, or color that you desire and in a variety of textures.

If you're looking for a special design feature to set your building apart from the rest, a vinyl covering will fit perfectly! We can special order vinyl coverings with your company logo for a bold professional look in your entryway, or with a pleasing image or pattern that will make your guests, clients, or employees feel welcome. GVC lets you choose from a huge selection of light, medium, or heavy duty wall coverings in a variety of materials including paper-backed, fabric-backed, textile, wood veneer, and more. Whatever style your business wants to bring to the walls, it can be found in a vinyl wall covering.

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