Fire Restoration & Odor Remediation

There is nothing pleasant about having a fire in your commercial or industrial building. Material losses and damage to your building can cause endless problems for your business, and getting things back on track after a fire is a trying endeavor. We work with you to make the restoration process as painless as possible, assessing the damage in order to come up with a plan that will fit your needs and working quickly and with attention to detail to refurbish your building.

smoke damageOur fire restoration process depends on the specific needs of each customer. Some common services that you may need following a fire include brick sealing, stain killing, odor remediation, painting, and epoxy floor coating. Many people worry about the physical damage to the property while overlooking smaller lingering evidence of a fire. During a fire, smoke fills every crevice in the building, and soot and ash settles. The result is a persisting unpleasant odor throughout the building that can only be removed using odor remediation. Our highly effective odor remediation process is the best way to get rid of the lingering smell after a fire.

Stain killing and brick sealing may be used as methods of repair and prevention to fix stains caused by smoke and damage to brick that would allow water to seep into the building. Once these measures are taken and your building is appropriately primed and odor-free, we can begin to paint, restoring your building to its original state or finding a fresh new look. In many cases where fire damage is extensive, flooring will also be damaged, and we offer a variety of epoxy flooring finishes with or without safety or aisle lines, designs, or company logos.

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