Industrial Painting - Our Process

At GVC, we use our decades of experience to bring you the most efficient industrial painting process possible. Over the years, we have been able to tackle the biggest painting projects using these methods, and our painting crews are professional and attentive to detail throughout every step.


  • We protect the contents of your industrial building completely, including fixtures, machinery, and sprinkler heads, using Visqueen plastic and tape to keep them safe from dust and painting products.
  • Surfaces that will be painted are cleaned using high-pressure air blowers for interior walls and ceilings, or power washed for exterior walls and surfaces. If needed, oil, grease, and dirt can be removed by hand and using chemicals. Any areas of peeling paint will be blown, scraped and sanded to a smooth surface.
  • Drywall is repaired as needed, and our professional stain killing process may be used to remove leaks and leak stains.


  • We will apply new caulking and block-fill cinder block as needed.
  • Primer is applied to the surface to be painted.


  • We find the right paint for the surfaces in your industrial building. Ceilings and some upper walls may be sprayed with dryfall paint, and an enamel gloss may be applied to lower walls, doors, frames, and columns.
  • Any graphics, striping, or lines in the paint design are carefully measured and applied for a clean professional finish.


  • After painting, we remove all prep materials, including plastics and tape, and clean floors, handrails, and any other exposed surfaces.
  • We will leave your building cleaner than it was before we came in - but with a fresh new look!

If you have questions about our industrial painting process, please contact us today.