Epoxy Flooring - Our Process

There are numerous steps to ensure a durable floor coating. At GVC Painting, our professional painters know the best way to get the job done and apply a high-quality, lasting coating to your floors.


  • We either shot blast, grind, power sand, or power wash to prepare the floor for the new coating. This is an important step which assures the product will adhere to the floor properly.
  • We power vacuum the complete area to ensure no debris will be in the product.
  • We cover and tape any fixtures or molding near the floor surface to protect from coating and finishing materials.


  • We take the time to fill cracks and holes with epoxy filler so the floor has a smooth appearance prior to adding accents, finishes, or coatings.
  • The floor is then primed using an epoxy primer to ensure the longevity of your new floor surface.


  • Staining or design materials are applied. Safety lines are applied as needed. Optionally, we could add a terrazzo floor chip color combination to give the floor a unique look or add grit in the product to give an anti skid surface. If terrazzo finish is desired a clear coat is then applied to seal.
  • The floor is then top coated with a 100% solids epoxy floor coating.


  • After drying, we remove all prep materials including any plastics and tape.
  • As part of our commitment to excellent customer service, we leave your building cleaner than it was when we arrived.

For more information about our epoxy flooring process, contact us today.