About Us

GVC Painting was founded in 1985 by Garth and Roseanne VanCura. At that time, the young couple had already been working on commercial painting projects together for several years, beginning when they were 19. Before the creation of GVC, they traveled the eastern half of the country, painting Kmart retail locations that averaged over 100,000 sq. ft. throughout Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Florida, and more. During their travels, Garth and Roseanne took the painting industry by storm, completing jobs with precision and speed that was and still is rare. Shortly after their marriage in 1984, they decided that it was time to settle down in their home state, Michigan, and start their family and business together.
commercial building
Since its beginning, GVC has grown and become known for fast, high-quality painting and flooring capabilities. Roseanne and Garth employ a number of local painters who form their reliable and experienced crews. Each painting crew comes into every job with the same enthusiasm and attention to detail that GVC has valued and put first throughout decades of operation. GVC's teams of expert painters can complete any commercial or industrial painting job faster than any other crew around, and with the professional, polished look you want for your business.

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